About Us

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Wedoourbest is born out of what we, unfortunately, see with our own eyes on the streets, in the cities around Asia.

We find children and young people, who have a very difficult time. Some survive to ask for money, some are involved in gangs, others live and sleep on the street or where all the rubbish go, finding food in the garbage to survive. Many children are left behind, others have chosen to live alone and have been stabbed off and several of the children have been through many things, things that few want to try.

We absolutely believe that there is more to do, to shape a better world for all those children and young people, shape a platform so that they can get healthy food, clean water, clean cloth, a bed to sleep in, feel safe and be offered the possibility to go to school – get an education, a place they can call home, and kind people who take care of them, and advise them how they can be happier, and make them realize that this life is also a fantastic journey for them. Help them to learn how to trust again and find friendship.

We are a new organization, and we need all the help we can get. And it is a big task, but we also hope many will join us.

Many of us who have started this organization has worked in other leading humanitarian organization like International Red Cross and Doctors without Borders, and this is what we would like to shape, a humanitarian organization who have a solid focus on children and young people.

We believe that the child and the young need to have the possibility and the support in a neutral space, non-political and non-religious. These children and the young people can then when they find their own interests choose their own beliefs and things to focus on in life.

We believe in an organization that works out from some clear rules and guidelines, so we secure the best results we can shape for the money donated.

To be a volunteer or to be an employee, Wedoourbest will never be the place where you will make a lot of money. We will never accept corruption and our employees will be only offered the lowest possible salaries, we do this to secure that most of the money we have can be used on shaped projects for the children and the young people we help in life.

But we are sure you will be happy with what you do as a volunteer, an employee, or an employee with leadership responsibility. We are a part of Wedoourbest to shape a better every day for the children and the teens we support.

“We dream about a world where children and teenagers can grow up in a safe and neutral environment so that they can later on freely decide on what they like to do in life, and what they will believe in.”

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