The Lead

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  • The organization is led by the Chairman and a Chief Operation Officer. The Chief Operation Officer and the Chief Human Resources Officer select a team of people to lead and run the different support functions.
    The Senior Management team is shaping a plan for the year and will be in discussion with the local Ambassador to define how the work process will be executed.
    The corporation is working in a 2 x 2 eyes approval setup where Senior management will have to approve all key ideas and initiatives before being initiated. The Ambassador will shape a plan with the local team of employees or/and volunteers.
    The Ambassadors are appointed by the Chief Operation Officer. The Ambassador is the highest-ranking officer in each country.
    We work with six interconnected roles that ambassadors should play.Be the leading culture in everyday life and emerging as a motivating and inspiring leader in everyday life;
  • Endorse the work that Wedoourbest is doing by lending their image & equity;
  • Research and raise donations for Wedoourbest, a different role though sometimes endorsements also result in increased fundraising;
  • Use their power with the media to raise awareness of campaigns that the Wedoourbest runs in the home country;
  • Be suitable for guiding and directing the volunteers and employees who become affiliated with the organization, especially ensuring a good welcome and a good introduction to the organization;
  • Be the guarantor and safeguard of the organization’s principles related to the children and teenager’s safety and wellbeing we have the responsibility for, non-corruption, ensure credibility and always report the truth, even though telling the truth can be difficult. At the same time, show respect to other people, secure with defined sister organizations and the government;
  • The expansion in many countries is the key idea and the finance will be mostly donations and funding from the EU and Asia.

The charter and the key foundation can’t be changed, and it is a hard-controlled organization, with a solid focus on that the money is going to the people in need.

“We often work in the shadow, or choose not to mention all the projects we are involved in, for safety reasons”

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