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Please note that a volunteer is unpaid. If you are Danish, you will be covered by Danish health insurance, if you are from another country, you must show accident/health/travel insurance that covers voluntary work.

A children’s certificate?

In order to become part of Wedoourbest either as a volunteer or as an employee, we ask you to obtain a penalty certificate, this must be without remarks.

Should you work as a volunteer or as a member of Wedoourbest and must be close to/work with our children and young people, we require an additional background check, just like we in the countries where it is possible to request “A children’s certificate”.

In most countries: Authorities, companies, and associations can order a child’s certificate on a person digitally. The certificate is issued only if the person agrees that “A children’s certificate” must be sent to the company, the authority of the association.

A children’s certificate is a criminal record that contains information about certain sexual offences committed against children under the age of 15.

Why do we ask for your age?

Many of the funds we seek funding from requiring us to provide information about who is enrolled in our organization, as donation sometimes is given to a special age group, why we ask for your age so we can also apply for these funds.

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