Child Protection Policy

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This Child Protection Policy hereinafter referred to as “CPP” is entered into and made effective as of the date set forth at the end of this document (“Commencement Date”) by and between the following parties:

Wedoourbest, an organization, organized under the laws of Denmark, who will hereinafter be referred to as “WDOB” having a primary address at the following Hovedgaden 55A, 2970 Hoershom, Denmark and email address of the following: contact, an organization, incorporated under the laws of Denmark.

All office employees, field workers, management, and volunteers must follow this CPP. It is one of the areas where we have zero tolerance. The final decision for an eventual termination/eviction is the responsibility of the COO. We reserve the right to sue the person.

Statement of commitment

We are committed to the welfare and rights of children. All children will be treated with respect regardless of race, color, sex, language, religion or belief, sexuality, political or other opinions, ethnic or social origin, disability, birth or another status. This includes all children under 18 years of age;

We are committed to encouraging staff and volunteers to familiarize themselves with the child protection policy to protect and provide a safe environment for children;

We are committed to complying with all relevant local legislation on child rights and welfare in order to provide what is in “the best interest of the child”, including labor laws that apply to children;

We encourage all staff and volunteers to give respect and dignity to all children in their care. Childcarers are encouraged to be good role models, spending time with each child, listening to them, encouraging children when they do something well and giving good explanations on why they should not do something else;

They should provide discipline through verbal means, in a kind and guided way. It is by no means permitted to punish a child, neither verbally nor physically. It is by no means allowed to strike or put the child in a non-worthy situation, neither verbally nor physically. Infringement will result in immediate exclusion.

Communicating the issue: We are committed to informing children, decision-makers and the public through the media that child abuse is wrong. It is also understood that keeping silent is wrong; Child protection policies provide a safe and positive environment for children and are foundational in the education, research and advocacy initiatives that we are involved in;

We are committed to educating staff and volunteers about the importance of child protection so that children are protected from abuse by staff and volunteers and others. This is also a preventive measure to protect staff and volunteers and the organization’s integrity;

We actively encourage the development and active implementation of child protection policies to all NGOs, groups, and networks in the countries we work through our meetings with them.

Wherever possible, children are also included as key stakeholders because we believe that children have the right to speak and be heard. Involving children in the process also enables them to know their right to protection. Children are encouraged to have active cooperation, share information and be involved in advocacy initiatives.

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