Our Leaders

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“You manage things; you lead people”

A leader must be recommended by at least two people from senior management; without this recommendation, the employee cannot be considered as a leader.

These two thus become the leader’s mentors and must follow the instructions provided.

All new managers will be trained in the first year and must act as we believe is correct in Wedoourbest. We hope our efforts in this direction create one of the best training programs in the world.

Wedoourbest considers leadership responsibility to be very important to our organization, and we set the highest standards in the world for our leaders.

We see all issues that occur in relation to the operation as a result of the quality of leadership, and we do believe that if employees and volunteers are motivated, inspired and led in the right way, if employees and volunteers were evaluated correctly in the first place, and if employees and volunteers welcome the mentoring, that we will not need to terminate employees or volunteers!

To be awarded a leader title with Wedoourbest is very difficult. It requires that we know the employee very thoroughly, and in many cases, we must follow the employee for several years to assess whether that employee is suited to lead our employees and our volunteers.

Our full Human Resources Management concept, including the leadership program, is designed by psychologists Mikkel Foss and Christian Hoffeldt.

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