Our Volunteers

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We have deep respect for the work our volunteers do for us. To be a volunteer, you must believe you can create a difference, with us. We are different from most organizations, as we do not accept all who apply; we select the volunteers based on our needs and based on the amount of talent the volunteer can bring to the organization. Also, every volunteer is selected by our psychologists and HR Specialists.

After you are first assessed and selected as a match for our requirements and the organization’s needs, you can grow as a volunteer in the organization, as we do have 5 levels.

As a volunteer, we don’t pay you for the work you do. It is possible, as a volunteer, to apply for a job with Wedoourbest, but we believe it’s more proper to place all applicants on the same level, so it does not affect your candidacy if you have been a volunteer at Wedoourbest. We will assess all applications and we will select the best person for the job.

The benefit for a volunteer is that our serious organization, backed by a huge amount of professional consultants, guarantees that we can offer our employees and volunteers world-class training and education, and this makes a huge difference. We believe that both young and more experienced members can learn from each other. We see that our training does make a difference, as we are all learning every day; more importantly, we are always evaluating the way we work and the results we create.

Last updated: April 5, 2021 at 7:19 am